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So, you launched your business because you wanted more control over your work, time, and relationships.

You know, less responding to the boss’s calls after hours and more backyard pool days with your kids or finally signing up for that yoga retreat you bookmarked years ago.

But you probably didn’t think terms like ‘lead generation,’ ‘digital marketing strategies,’ and ‘conversion rates’ would be fluttering around the back of your mind 24/7.

And who can blame you?

Those early days of customizing a website template and hopping on calls with leads found on Facebook were simple enough that you could balance your business and your life.

Now though, you’re ready to stop worrying about slow seasons, stop feeling like something is ‘missing’, and stop being seen as a newbie.

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The Magnetic Brand Activator:

Magnetize Your
Brand Assets

Attract ideal clients and repel mismatched leads with a magnetized brand that connects with your type of people.

Amplify Traffic
& Conversions

Energize potential clients and take them from cold to close with a repeatable system tailor-made for your biz.

Spark A Steady Stream
Of Success

Set sluggish seasons ablaze with powerful tools and marketing strategies that empower you to make data-driven decisions.

Yup, it’s literally everything you need to say buh-bye to those knots in your stomach that make a swift appearance whenever you look at your website.

And it’s all bundled together in one made-for-you website experience that’ll see you generating leads and sharing your biz with the whole damn world.

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Hey there, I’m Lauren!

A digital marketing strategist who’s deep in the mushroom coffee craze

And I’m here to help you go from cold to close with leads you actually want to work With.

‘Cause you didn’t start your business to waste time on dead-end consultation calls and sending ‘we’re not a right fit’ emails.

You started it to find more balance in your life. To show up fully and completely in your day-to-day. To help others see their potential, abilities, and power.

Same here.

So let’s get you looking and feeling legit with a website designed to drive your purpose, business, and goals forward.


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