Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Embracing Self-Reliance and Success Without a Business Coach

Getting Personal On My Thoughts About Hiring A Business Coach For Female Entrepreneurs

Breaking Through Barriers: The Hewlett Packard Study

Did you know that a study conducted at Hewlett Packard revealed an interesting disparity between how men and women approach opportunities? It found that men tend to apply for jobs or promotions even if they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women often hold back unless they meet 100% of the requirements. This mindset discrepancy sheds light on the unique challenges that female entrepreneurs face when it comes to seeking support, such as working with a business coach. In this blog post, I’ll share my personal journey and explain why I’ve chosen not to work with a business coach at this moment as a female entrepreneur.

My Experience With A Business Coach For Female Entrepreneurs: Investing in My Business

Since starting my business in 2020, I’ve recognized the importance of investing in support. In fact, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses, programs, and mentorships, believing that the more I learn, the more confident I’ll become. While the knowledge and insights gained have been valuable, I’ve come to realize that there’s a delicate balance between learning and implementing.

Balancing Doing and Thinking: The Power of Implementation

My knowledge obsession is a life-long character trait (dare I say flaw…it’s a story for another day), however my journey of entrepreneurship has put a spotlight on it and the knowledge quest has sorta become a problem. I’ve often found myself in a perpetual learning mode. I’ve eagerly absorbed advice from those I admire and who are further along in their entrepreneurial journeys. However, I’ve neglected to allocate enough time to actually put that knowledge into action. It’s essential to strike a balance between thinking and doing, as implementation is where real growth and progress occur.

Prioritizing Action in This Season: Juggling Multiple Roles

As a female entrepreneur, I wear multiple hats. Besides running my business, I also homeschool my children, and my husband has a demanding full-time job. Because I’m strict about maintaining my 3 day work week, I must be incredibly intentional with how I allocate my time. While working with a business coach can provide valuable guidance, it’s important to prioritize actions that directly contribute to my business’s success in this particular season.

The Power of Community (Not Just A Business Coach): Support from Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Although I’ve chosen not to work with a business coach at the moment, it doesn’t mean I’m navigating this entrepreneurial journey alone. Instead, I’ve sought support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This community provides a space for collaboration, brainstorming, and mutual encouragement. By surrounding myself with individuals who understand the unique challenges I face, I’ve found valuable support and inspiration. (I’m raving over Night Owl Nation, be sure to check it out here!)

Feeling Empowered and Knowledgeable: Overcoming Inadequacy and Avoiding Over-Reliance

One aspect I struggled with when working with business coaches in the past was the feeling of inadequacy and over-reliance on their support. While a coach can provide valuable insights, it’s crucial to empower ourselves and develop a strong sense of self-belief. By relying too heavily on external guidance, we risk stifling our own creativity and decision-making abilities. Instead, I choose to foster confidence in my own knowledge and skills, continuously learning and growing along the way.

As a female entrepreneur, it’s essential to recognize our unique challenges and make decisions that align with our current circumstances and goals. While working with a business coach can be immensely beneficial, it’s equally important to find the right balance between seeking external support and fostering our own empowerment. By prioritizing action and surrounding ourselves with a supportive community, we can confidently navigate our entrepreneurial journeys and achieve the success we desire.

Remember, the journey of entrepreneurship is as much about self-discovery and personal growth as it is about business success. Embrace the power within you, and let it propel you towards your dreams.

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