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Make Your Website Shine Brighter Than Ever: 5 Unique Ways To Use Our Design On Demand Service

Discover how our Design on Demand service can revolutionize your website and enhance your brand presence. The Importance Of Website ...
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The Ultimate Collaboration Checklist: Are You Ready to Team Up with Another Brand?

Discover what you need in order to foster a successful collaboration with another brand or business, ensuring a seamless partnership ...
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3 Questions To Help Visualize Your Brand Personality & Brand Style

What Do You Need to Find Your Brand Style?  As a branding and web designer, I understand the importance of ...
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5 Unique Ways to Craft a New Brand or Website to Attract Awesome Clients

So, you're ready for a brand new website or a shiny new brand. Congratulations! It's time to show off your ...
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Captivate Your Audience on Any Device: How Responsive Website Design Drives Business Growth

In this blog post, we will explore how non-responsive design can negatively impact user experience on different devices and provide ...
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How Do I Market Myself & Implement a Website Strategy As a Health and Wellness Coach?

WHAT'S COVERED IN THIS BLOG: 5 essential elements for your health & wellness coaching website, whether you use Showit, Wordpress, ...
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using the dubsado scheduler to streamline appointments (1)

Maximize Your Time and Attract Ideal Clients with the Dubsado Scheduler

One thing I always stress to online business owners is the importance of having and easily recognizable and accessible appointment ...
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preparing for a website redesign

Learn The 8 Vital Questions To Ask For A Website Redesign You’ll Love

Kick off your website redesign with these important questions! Let’s cut straight to the chase: a website redesign is a ...
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hire a professional web designer like Lauren

5 Reasons You Haven’t Hired A Professional Web Designer Yet

Unpacking 5 major roadblocks to hiring a web designer It’s the digital age, right? Everyone from your grandma to your ...
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small business owner setting business goals for the new year

Creating a Magnetic Brand: How to Prepare for Time Off and Achieve Your Business Goals

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Taking Time Off as a Small Business Owner The life of a small business owner is filled ...
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entrepreneur creating a sales funnel for an online course

Why Sales Funnels Aren’t Just For Online Courses

The 411 On How Sales Funnels Work For Your Evergreen Services I’m about to drop some unfiltered wisdom on a ...
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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Embracing Self-Reliance and Success Without a Business Coach

Getting Personal On My Thoughts About Hiring A Business Coach For Female Entrepreneurs Breaking Through Barriers: The Hewlett Packard Study ...
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entrepreneur building a successful Black Friday sales funnel

How To Build A Successful Black Friday Sales Funnel – Fast!

A Simple Way To Create Your Most Successful Black Friday Says Funnel Ever It’s officially fall so you know there ...
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From Data to Dollars: Leveraging Website Analytics for Service-Based Businesses

Understanding Website Data: Unlocking the Power of Your Online Presence Today, we're diving into the world of website data and ...
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Customer leaving an online testimonial

Show & Tell: The Right Way to Leverage Testimonials on Your Site

Are you ready to craft the perfect website and make your online presence soar? Getting your testimonials right is an ...
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Settle the SEO Score: WordPress vs Squarespace – Who Comes Out on Top?

Most online coaches know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites. After deciding on a content platform, ...
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4 Secrets to Boosting Your Client Experience

Standing out as an online business owner is essential in today’s competitive business world. Follow these four tips so that you ...
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virtual therapist lead generation digital marketing strategy

Tips and Tricks For Creating the Best Website Design for Therapists

As a therapist or clinician, you need a website that not only talks about the services you offers, but that ...
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redesign your website without losing seo ranking

Redesign your website without losing SEO Ranking

So your website needs a refresh, but you've worked really hard on your SEO ranking? Here's how you can prevent ...
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planning a marketing funnel

3 Simple Steps To Create A Marketing Funnel (& get more leads)

What's a marketing funnel? And why do you need it? Markers are tossing around the word funnel like everyone knows ...
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How Using Website Buttons Strategically Will Drive-up Sales

One tip I consistently give when conducting a website audit is to use website buttons in a more strategic way ...
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When “done in a day” is the wrong investment

Why isn't anyone talking about the risks of these quick turn around days? These instant gratification, intense sessions promise big ...
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3 reasons your business needs a custom Instagram links page

If you're using a tool such as Linktree, Milkshake App, Campsite, etc as your links page on Instagram, you'll want ...
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How to prepare your service-based business for branding and website design

Service-based businesses need solid branding and custom website design. When you've found yourself putting in more hours doing work, and ...
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Five easy tips for choosing website photos

Check out these 5 easy tips for choosing website photos. Whether you're using stock photos or personal branded photos, you'll ...
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CASE STUDY: Kim Hancher – Style Consultant & Fashion Blog Redesign

Kim Hancher is making a name for herself in the fashion blogging and virtual stylist industry. She is sought after ...
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