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4 Secrets to Boosting Your Client Experience

Standing out as an online business owner is essential in today’s competitive business world. Follow these four tips so that you can ensure your clients have a great experience!

Why is client experience so important as an online business owner? 

  • 1. Clients are more cautious or pickier when it comes to hiring service-providers they don’t know or trust yet.
  • 2. You face increased competition from both new and established service-providers in your industry.
  • 3. Online marketing is trickier to navigate with new platforms and strategies popping up every few months.
  • 4. Some other service-providers are charging much lower prices given the same services you’re offering.
  • 5. You consider taking on your not-ideal clients just to make ends meet.

If any of this sounds familiar…keep reading.

In order to have a consistent stream of clients (& recurring clients) you have to create an awesome client experience.

Did you know that someone starts deciding whether they want to work with you again within 15 minutes of the first experience?

Here are four ways you can impress clients (new, potential & returning) right away!

Put your customer first with automations

When someone reaches out to you, the last thing you want is them left waiting for a response or finding someone else to help solve their problem before you even get a chance to talk to them.

At the very least, you need a general auto reply set up for any form thats submitted whether its a general contact form, inquiry, discovery call, lead magnet…etc.

Something like…

“Thanks for reaching out! I’ll reply back within 24-48 hours, in the meantime if you have any questions please reply back to this email”

BONUS: Give them a resource to check out…whether it’s a blog post, podcast episode, service guide, etc.

Create a service guide

I’m a huge fan of service or pricing guides for online businesses. They are an ideal lead magnet because you can put detailed information about your products or services. The kind of stuff that doesn’t belong on your website.

Service guides also deliver a great client experience because someone can get extra information about your offers while they are waiting for you to personally reply.

Just download the service guide as a PDF, upload it to GoogleDrive & share a link in one of your email automations.

Share client wins, projects, etc. on social!

Your clients are just as excited about their project as you are, but they need your help to share it. Sharing client wins, sneak peeks, etc. on your social media is a lovely reminder to your clients why they love working with you…

And BONUS, when you tag your clients…they will usually share the post & tag you, which means you’re now getting exposed to their audience as well!

Create content for your clients.

Your content should be supporting your ideal clients. Answering questions, helping them work through problems, & connect with you. Just like this blog post is helping YOU improve your marketing skills because you are my ideal client…your clients want you to help them too, no strings attached.

And with the power of AI & ChatGPT, you can find inspiration quickly. Just make sure you’re adding your own personal touch & opinion to what you find.

Sure, someone could Google their problem and try to find the answer…but you can add to your client experience by having your own content that answers their questions & personally recommending it to them.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg on client experience…but these are easy to implement strategies to get you going.

If you’re looking for support on how to improve your client experience so that you can drive-up your revenue, reach out about scheduling a strategy session with me!

You’ll get a 90-minute personalized session with me to focus on marketing & a debrief document so you can take all the idea’s & turn them into action.

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