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Dr. Taylor Day is a child psychologist with expertise in the early diagnosis and intervention of autism. Dr. Tay was ready for a website to help her better connect to her ideal clients, and help them understand her unique Whole Family approach.

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The Design


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Project Overview:

The website project included 5 core pages: Home, About, Contact, Blog, & Services. Additionally, Dr. Tay needed pages to host her podcast episodes. Her project also included social media links page because her primary source of marketing is via Tiktok & Instagram.

Strategy & Execution:

  • Intuitive Navigation

    This project included thoughtful page navigation so that her website visitors felt supported and compelled to explore further. The services page included "choose your path" style navigation so that visitors can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.

  • Emotional Imagery

    By using real world and inclusive images, we ensure that visitors feel seen and understood. Through this strategic approach, Dr. Tay can confidently attract and engage her target audience, ultimately fostering meaningful connections that lead to loyal clientele.

  • Clear & Concise

    Dr. Tay's Whole Family Approach is completely unique and therefore can raise some common questions from her potential clients. I created a clear and concise FAQ space on her website and included multiple calls to action so that visitors were never left with looming questions.

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Results and Outcomes:

Dr. Tay starting booking new families immediately upon launch. She was able to effectively combine her social media marketing efforts with driving traffic to her new website. The launch of her website gave her the extra boost in confidence she needed to have her practice become the sole income provider for her and has since significantly expanded the work she does with autistic children and their families.

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