Hook ‘Holy Sh*t!’ leads, close sales before you’ve hopped on a call, and Launch A Website that lines your wallet with moolah like clockwork.

let's have an honest, heart to heart convo...

Go ahead, think of your WEB DESIGN, SALES PAGE, and SEO PLAN.

Are any of these thoughts plucked straight from your mind?

‘Ugh, I spent so much time trying to make that one client happy that a big-time opportunity slipped through my fingers.’

‘I’m missing something in my website or sales page but I have no clue what and it makes me want to tear my hair out!’

‘I know my shit but my website screams ‘newbie’ louder than a first-timer singing Dancing Queen at karaoke.’

‘Next weekend, I’ll actually disconnect and unwind…right? RIGHT???’

‘I’m crossing all my fingers (and toes) that another lead slides into my DMs this month.’

‘I wonder how it would feel to have a website that says ‘see ya’ to hustling and ‘hi ya’ to my ideal clients.’


So much for the picturesque vision of enjoying peaceful mornings with your family, working remotely on a sunlit porch, and letting your laptop go cold in the evenings, right?


digital marketing strategies inside a sales funnel for client Brian Patacca

Enough with empty talk about ‘quick fixes,’ ‘up-leveling’ and ‘optimizing conversion rates'

The real truth is...

When you have a website designed to FUNNEL SALES your way from the get-go, your ideal clients feel connected & start lining up at your digital door.

And the best part? They are the best clients! The ones you daydream about in your journal.

digital marketing strategies inside a sales funnel for client Brian Patacca

Introducing the game-changing


We’re talking ‘bout magnetizing brand assets, crafting a stand-out website design, conquering sales pages, and optimizing traffic flow, and all the tools you need to consistently reel in ‘holy shit’ leads.

Buckle Up, ‘cause this is only a glimpse into the magic we’ll uncover together:

Tailored Website Design

404 & Links Page

SEO Setup & Training

Desktop & Mobile Friendly

7 Days Follow Up Support

Promo Launch Graphics

Signature Design Days are expertly curated to provide exactly what you need and nothing less.

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The confidence alone is worth EVERY PENNY!

Since working with Lauren I've received more inquiries to work with me, and they are actually qualified leads!

– Jessica Mercer

Here’s how it ALL goes down:


We’re diving headfirst into your business, branding, and goals in this 1:1 session before crafting a roadmap to connect you with your ideal clients.

SEO Research

It’s time to turn your roadmap into a search-worthy Website Framework that that works for your business and your big, big goals.


Brace yourself for your sales-generating, expertly-curated experience that'll give you even more confidence in connecting with your ideal clients.


Don’t worry, we don’t have to part ways just yet. You’ll have lifetime access to a treasure trove of website tutorials to help you with all your lead-generating needs.

‘I don’t have tiiimmmee for all the back and forth about Website Planning, Designing, and Launching!’

Look, I know you’re strapped for time and tempted by a quick-fix, plug-and-play website template, but here’s the deal: your website isn’t just a website. 

It’s a crucial part of your business and a key component in crafting the life you want. It’s gonna take time, energy, and emotion. And it definitely won’t be built in a day.

Now here’s the good news: I’m all for getting straight to the point which is why I’ve come up with my game-changing Website Frameworks that takes out the guesswork of “what’s supposed to go there?” so you (or your copywriter) can get straight to the point & leave the rest to me!  Talk about efficiency, right?

But at the end of the day, if you're the kind of person who's all about growth—whether you're soaking up self-help podcasts in the shower or partnering with small businesses that help you thrive—then you know true impact takes time. And building a kickass website that makes your dream life a reality is no exception.  

So buckle up, grab a caffeinated drink of your choice, and let’s create a website that sets your soul ablaze.

Lauren Wood

My ANSWERS. Right Here.

Get FIRED UP about Your Website, Your Sales, and Your Life.

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