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When “done in a day” is the wrong investment

Why isn’t anyone talking about the risks of these quick turn around days?

These instant gratification, intense sessions promise big reward in the span of 8 hours or less and I’m here to talk about when “done in a day” the right option, and when it’s not.

What is “done in a day”?

If you’re in the online service industry, I know you’ve seen these floating around! Sometimes coined as VIP Design Days, VIP Intensives, Done In A Day, and more…

It’s essentially the business owner dedicating a set amount of hours (usually 4 to 8) in one day to a specific project. In the branding and web design world, these projects come with the promise of a full website OR branding suite (logo, color palette, fonts) produced in one day.

Sounds enticing? These offers beeline straight for clients desire for instant gratification!

Why I’m no longer a fan? (yes, I’ve offered design days in the past)

Design days are great for some, but it’s not how I run my business and here’s why…

Creativity is stifled when put on a tight deadline. The rushed process of a design day leads to quick & forced decisions that aren’t always in the best interest of the business.

There’s little time for revision or second considerations on design, only small tweaks to what’s been created.

Don’t get me wrong…I love timelines, and I stick to them in my branding and web design projects. However, my timelines are developed with intentional space and room to allow creativity to bloom and ideas to marinate.

Further more, “done in a day” takes out the research, strategy, & marketing-focused aspect of branding and web design. These short-lived projects focus on the visual aspect of the design, but the marketing strategy behind is often the first part to be cut off due to time constraints.

Design isn’t just about making something look “pretty”, afterall beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Marketing-minded design takes into consideration your audience and their journey from the first interaction with your brand through their decision to purchase. Decisions about the visual representation, the layout of your website, the questions on your contact form, etc. are all guided by these marketing considerations.

“Done in a day” isn’t sustainable.

It’s a risky business model for both the business and the client. These day rate models count on the stars aligning, no speed bumps or road blocks allowed.

What happens if either party needs to reschedule the day? How far back does the project get pushed?

This can cause major hindrance and bottlenecks in the process!

When “done in a day” might be a good fit…

Done in a day can be a good option for very specific, small projects that AREN’T on a tight deadline. For example, a landing page, a small set of social media templates, a brand refresh.

Don’t let the appeal of instant gratification cloud your judgement, take time to consider what do you expect to get out of this? What results do you ultimately want? How long do you want the branding or web design to serve your business? And how soon do you really need it to be done?

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