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5 Reasons You Haven’t Hired A Professional Web Designer Yet

Unpacking 5 major roadblocks to hiring a web designer

It’s the digital age, right? Everyone from your grandma to your pet goldfish has an Instagram account, YouTube channel, or some sort of online presence. 

It’s like everyone’s got ‘their own little corner of the internet.’

But let’s be real: While social media and website templates are great starting points for putting your service-based business out there…they can’t quite replace the magic (aka skills and expertise) of a professional web designer. 

I understand the hesitation to outsource though. Running a business solo means constantly wondering what service, product, or person to invest in next. You might feel paralyzed about making the ‘wrong’ move. So, let’s set the record straight:

  1. There’s no such thing as a ‘wrong’ move! Every decision you make teaches you something valuable about yourself and your business. 
  1. Some decisions can propel you towards your goals faster and more efficiently than others. And one of those decisions is hiring a professional web designer. 

So, before we talk about how a designer can help you grow your business the way you want, let’s explore what’s holding you back from taking that leap.

The 5 reasons you haven’t hired a professional web designer yet

1. You’re relying on social media

Who hasn’t spent hours scrolling the ‘gram or losing sleep to TikTok? Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have completely transformed the way businesses promote, sell, and engage with their audiences.

But social media is like renting your home. Sure, you can decorate your space to liven it up but it’s never really yours. Your website on the other hand…it’s your badge of credibility. Anyone can create a social media account, but it takes a true business owner to invest in a website that doesn’t just look pretty but gives your audience real value. (Which I can do!)

2. You’re worried about money and ROI

There’s no way around it, web design can be expensive! But think about it: How many potential clients have you lost because they couldn’t find you online? Or were less than impressed when they did? 

When you hire a professional web designer, you’re not just paying for a pretty site. You’re investing in an asset that grows your brand value. A study from Forrester Research even found that a well-designed website can boost conversion rates by 200%!

3. You’re trying to DIY everything first

Being a business owner often means wearing a dozen hats and learning on the go. I get it, I wrote my own website copy for years before calling in expert help. But in that DIY time, I can’t help but wonder how many opportunities I missed out on because I didn’t have the copywriting skills to convert visitors into clients. 

That DIY spirit is commendable, but designing a website requires a specific set of skills. 

And let’s face it – you’re amazing at what you do so why not focus on that? Let a pro handle the rest.

 4. You’re prioritizing a business coach or SEO

The truth is: A coach can be super motivating (but not always necessary)! And SEO sounds techy enough that you might be scared to touch it. 
Here’s the real talk: A fantastic business coach and SEO can give you tactics to drive traffic to your site…but neither can make your website visually appealing or user-friendly. That’s a job for a professional web designer – especially one that understands SEO and sales funnels.

5. You’re a self-proclaimed perfectionist

As an entrepreneur, the number of decisions you face daily is dizzying and can lead to ‘analysis paralysis.’ Choosing brand colors, writing web copy, embedding forms, finding stock images…your to-do list seems to get bigger every day all because you’re terrified to make the wrong decision. 

But guess what? A web designer eases that burden by streamlining your to-do list, taking those tasks off your plate, and being an expert you can trust to make the best decision for your brand.

Why hiring a professional web designer is worth every penny.

Web designers these days aren’t just about picking pretty colors and fancy fonts. 


With the right designer, you get a strategist, creative, and tech whiz all rolled into one. Someone who knows how to create a website that doesn’t just look good but also converts. 

Let’s break it down. 

Forget the idea that your website is ‘your little corner of the internet.’ Today’s website designers are building full-blown marketing machines that capture attention and convert leads. 

A professional web designer knows the ins and outs of user experience, where to place irresistible calls-to-action, and how to guide your leads through sales funnels that work. 

Plus, there’s the back end of your website to consider. You know, all those techy questions like:

  • Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • Are you tracking website data?
  • Do you know what to do with your data?
  • Have you optimized your photos?
  • How quickly does your website load?

When you hire a web designer, you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore ‘cause they’ll bring all the technical know-how. 

And of course, the aesthetics matter. A well-designed website doesn’t just look good, it helps you show up as a straight-up leader in your industry. Say ‘see ya never’ to imposter syndrome and start attracting the type of work you dreamed of with a well-designed website. 
Finally, don’t forget that your web design is only one part of your online presence. There are still photos, branding, copy, and SEO to consider. But your web designer can help you find the right support and build an all-star team for your business.

Ready to take the leap and hire a pro web designer?

Alright, we’ve dug deep into what’s holding you back from hiring a web designer and why you need to move it up your priority list. This isn’t about getting a website. It’s about creating a whole digital strategy to skyrocket your business. 

For years, I’ve been in the online business world building websites for therapists, podcasters, stylists, and more. And let me tell you, they all had the same worries as you before bringing in professional support. 

But once we teamed up? They started hitting goals they didn’t think were possible to reach. 
So, now that you know what you’ve been missing out on, it’s time for action!  If you’re ready to finally hire a pro web designer and get the online presence you’ve been craving, then head over to my services page now to see how we can work together.

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