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Why Sales Funnels Aren’t Just For Online Courses

The 411 On How Sales Funnels Work For Your Evergreen Services

I’m about to drop some unfiltered wisdom on a topic that’s wildly misunderstood: Sales Funnels. 

There’s a misconception in the online business world that sales funnels are strictly for course launches. And I totally get why! Your typical course launch prep work looks a little something like this:

  • Sharing behind-the-scenes looks at your course to build excitement
  • Offering a free workshop to gain emails and show how valuable your course is
  • Creating a strategic sales email sequence linking to a compelling sales page
  • Promoting a limited-time offer that encourages immediate enrollment

It’s the perfect formula to bring in new clients ASAP. 

In fact, sales funnels are sooooooo perfect, that they shouldn’t be kept just for course launches. Your evergreen, tried-and-true services also deserve this type of attention. 

Imagine this: your calendar booking up with eager clients while you sleep, sip your favorite mushroom coffee, or take your kids to the park. No more being chained to your DMs or answering flakey inquiries ‘round the clock. 

That’s the power of a sales funnel. 

Your sales funnel is your best assistant. One who doesn’t need a break, a nap, or a vacation. One who engages, educates, and converts potential clients 24/7/365. 

So in this blog post, we’re diving deep into the world of sales funnels. Including, how to create one that sells your services for you, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional value to your clients. 

What In The World Is A Sales Funnel And How Do They Work?

Before we get to how to build a sales funnel for your evergreen services, we need to start with the basics: What in the world even is a sales funnel? 

Think of a sales funnel as…well…a big ol’ funnel. 

At the wide top, you have a huge pool of potential clients. These are the people who’ve just scrolled across your business on Instagram or heard about you from a friend of a friend. They’re curious about your business but that’s all (for now)

This is where your funnel starts. 

In this first stage – the awareness stage – your goal is to attract as many ideal, potential clients as possible with scroll-stopping content and eye-catching marketing. You’re not selling yet, you’re just getting attention and letting your audience know you have something valuable to offer. 

Then we move into stage two – interest. This is where your audience is intrigued by your offer and you get to shine by showcasing your expertise, sharing valuable perspectives, and making your potential clients hungry for more. 

(BTW – did you know 75% of website users judge how legit a website is just based on its design?! Having a professional design that matches your brand and purpose makes a real difference in keeping your audience interested.)

From there, you move into stage three – decision time. Here, your clients are seriously considering working with you so they want all the nitty gritty details about packages, timelines, and past projects. They might even book a Discovery Call as a vibe check!

Then comes the final stage – the action stage. At the bottom of the funnel, your potential clients have narrowed down into paying clients. They’ve asked for – and signed! – a proposal and are ready to get to work with you. 

Here’s the twist: not every client’s journey through a sales funnel is straightforward. Some leads jump from awareness to action in a day, while others need more time and nurturing. But when you have a well-crafted sales funnel that’s tailored to your audience’s needs and your services, that nurturing and guidance happen with little effort from you!

The Unfiltered Truth About Sales Funnels For Online Courses

Now that we’re on the same page about what a sales funnel is and how it works, let’s debunk the most common sales funnel myth out there. 

The prevailing belief when it comes to sales funnels? You need a shiny new product, an exclusive offer, or a ticking clock to make a sales funnel successful. 

Sure, a limited-time offer creates buzz. After all, urgency and scarcity are classic marketing tactics. And yes, measuring outcomes and analyzing results is easier when you have a specific sales period. 

But guess what? 

Scarcity is naturally built into your evergreen services. Your time is limited, isn’t it? Which means you can only help a certain number of clients per month. 

So the first step to creating an evergreen sales funnel is reimagining how your services and availability fit into a scarcity model. Once you make that mental shift, you’ll apply the same strategies used for course launches to your ongoing services!

Start Selling Your Services With A Sales Funnel That Works Year-Round

Convinced your services need a sales funnel yet? Then let’s talk about how to make it happen. 

The first step of every sales funnel is to set your goals. What are your revenue, client, or calendar goals? What are you selling? How many projects do you need to book to meet your goal?

From there, create a ballpark idea of how many promising leads you need to book sales calls and close projects. 

But how do you get in front of those leads? The best place to start is with an eye-catching freebie that speaks to your type of client. This could be an easy checklist, a fun quiz, or even a case study of a similar client and their results from working with you. 

Wondering how to make a freebie? Use Canva templates to design an easy checklist or Interact Quiz Maker to build a quiz!

Once you’ve created your freebie, market it online and bring people to your email list. After that, it’s all about building a close connection with your audience, showing them how they’d benefit from your services, and inviting them to connect with you. 

And don’t forget to remind these potential clients that your availability is limited!

Build A Sales Funnel For Your Online Course, New Launch, And Evergreen Services

When we break a sales funnel down like this, it’s easy to see how you can create one that sells your services for you.

Now, armed with the unfiltered truth about sales funnels, you’re ready to shine the spotlight on your evergreen services. Don’t worry though, I won’t make you do it all on your own. 
Head over to my services page now and discover how we can collaborate to create a sales funnel that works tirelessly for you and books out your calendar!

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