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How Using Website Buttons Strategically Will Drive-up Sales

One tip I consistently give when conducting a website audit is to use website buttons in a more strategic way so that you can get more leads & drive-up sales!

Did you know that you should have 2 different button styles on your website, each with a special job.

  1. A direct call to action button
  2. An indirect call to action button

Want to drive-up revenue & increase conversions? Check out these tips for an direct call to action button.

The direct call to action website button makes it easy for visitors to quickly take the next step and convert on your website by providing a clear and easy path to take action.

Having a direct call to action button can help to streamline the user experience and create a more efficient journey through your website, resulting in a better overall customer experience.

Your direct call to action button should be bigger, bolder, brighter than the other buttons. It should have a permanent spot in the top right corner of your website & it should have active language like “BUY NOW” or “GET STARTED”

You’ll also want to pay attention to indirect call to action buttons.

It can be used to guide visitors to take certain actions that are beneficial to your business.

For example, an indirect call to action button can be used to encourage visitors to join your mailing list, sign up for a newsletter, or follow you on social media.

It can also be used to provide additional information about your business and services, or to direct visitors to more relevant content.

By providing visitors with an indirect call to action button, you can help increase engagement and conversions, while also providing a great user experience.

In direct call to action buttons can have the same consistent styling throughout the website, but should be smaller & less bold than a direct call to action button.

Use text that tells what will happen next, like “follow me on instagram” or “download the checklist”

Paying attention to small tweaks on your website can make a huge difference. If you’re looking for more tips, I suggest the book Building A Storybrand by Donald Miller. << This is an Amazon affiliate link.

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