CASE STUDY: Kim Hancher – Style Consultant & Fashion Blog Redesign

Kim Hancher is making a name for herself in the fashion blogging and virtual stylist industry. She is sought after by women looking to update their wardrobes and for advice in effortlessly styling themselves. Kim was looking to increase her visibility through blogging and SEO. She felt as though her existing Squarespace site was not accomplishing her goals and wanted to move to WordPress.

Kim asked me to redesign her site and move it to WordPress. I also migrated over her existing blog posts and redesigned her sales pages so that everything cohesively existed on her new website. Since redesigning her website, Kim’s traffic has increased to 1.5k views per month.

She offers weekly blog posts as well as several free resources as a way to draw people to her email list. We positioned these resources on the front page of her website, and also included calls to action to these resources throughout her site.

Kim’s page emphasizes her deep knowledge of style through the color palette, font selections, and images used throughout the website. Visitors to Kim’s page will immediately recognize that her service is fashion consultation and feel trust in her in ability to help them achieve their goals.

I went from feeling like I was never going to have it right, that there was no solution to my problem. Once I saw everything actually on my new WordPress site. I knew she had saved me weeks of frustration and agony and that my problem was going to be solved.



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