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3 Simple Steps To Create A Marketing Funnel (& get more leads)

What’s a marketing funnel? And why do you need it?

Markers are tossing around the word funnel like everyone knows what it means. This post is going to break it down simply & show you how you can get started with a marketing funnel TODAY!

A funnel is a way you build relationships with people who are more likely to become paying customers.

At the “top” of your funnel are people who have just discovered you, at the bottom are your hot (paying) clients.

If you’re expecting people to discover you & immediately pay for your service or offer…you’re going to be disappointed time and time again.

Instead, think of building a relationship with someone. Providing value over & over again, talking to them, getting to know them, and allowing them to get to know you before they buy.

This is powerful because relationship marketing, like I just described will bring in better, more aligned clients who are more likely to become lifelong customers.

It’s actually really simple to start a Marketing funnel. Here is how to get started:

Somewhere to design a lead magnet/freebie (Canva is perfect for this!)

Step one:

Design your lead magnet, then upload a copy to GoogleDrive & turn share settings on public.

Some examples are:

  • checklist
  • how to guide
  • video series
  • spreadsheet
  • mini course
  • pricing guide

I believe the BEST lead magnet for first timers is simply a pricing guide. I have an entire series inside my Facebook group showing you how to create one, so check that out by clicking here.

Step two:

Create a landing page & form inside your email marketing software,  publish it

This is where you will collect email addresses in exchange for your lead magnet. Set up the form to redirect to the GoogleDrive link once submitted.

BONUS: Add in an email automation sequence. A quick welcome sequence is the next step to building a relationship with your leads.

Your email sequence could look like this:

Day 0: email with link to download, provide a tip on how to use it

Day 1: email checking in, another tip on how to use it

Day 2: check in, share a customer testimonial & tell about you

Day 3: tell them that you have an offer you want to share the next day…but don’t tell what it is yet

Day 4: share your paid offer

Step three:

add the link to your social media bios & start adding CTA’s to download your lead magnet!

That’s it! Follow these 3 steps and you’ve officially started you very first funnel.

If you want a personalized plan at what this could look like for your business, schedule a free Brand Strategy Session today!

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