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How to prepare your service-based business for branding and website design

Service-based businesses need solid branding and custom website design.

When you’ve found yourself putting in more hours doing work, and LESS time doing what you love…you’re likely ready to invest in branding and website design. Here’s why, professional branding and website design will attract your dream clients on autopilot. Professional branding and custom website design also allows you to position your business the go-to expert and your offers as the ideal solution.

Does being the go-to expert for you ideal clients sound like a dream come true?

Investing in branding and custom website design could be your next business move, but before you jump in you’ll want to have a few things in place!

Here’s how to prepare your service-based business for branding and custom website design!

Have branding design or a branding refresh:

Your branding visuals are a major driver behind your website design. They also are responsible for evoking feelings and thoughts about your brand as soon as potential clients come in contact with them. You MUST have these on point.

Consider this, Old Navy, Gap & Banana Republic are ALL clothing brands. They are ALL under the same company, but they target very different audiences.

Now, take a look at their logos, color palettes, font choices & photography style throughout each site and consider what feelings and thoughts each one evokes. Do you see how they are strategically design to attract a certain type of audience?

This is why you need branding.

Solidify your offers:

You’ll want to be really clear on what your offers will be. Are you increasing the investment or changing the deliverables? Will you be going from hourly retainers to project based packages? VIP Days are really popular, will your business offer this type of service? Having a clear set of offers will prepare you for step two.

Work with a copywriter:

After you’ve solidified your offers, it’s time to work with a copywriter. A copywriter will help you humanize your business and talk about your offers in a way that resonates with your ideal audience! When choosing a copywriter, READ their work! You’ll want to find someone who fits the vibe of your business!

Have a brand photoshoot:

HIgh quality photos are super important for establishing your expertise as a service-based business! It’s also really important for potential clients to see your face rather than stock photos. You are the face of your business, so show it off! If you’re looking for a local photographer, try searching location hashtags on Instagram. For example, #richmondphotographer.

Grab my brand photoshoot shot list below to make sure you get all the perfect shots you need for an awesome website design!


Purchase the essentials:

You’ll need to purchase a domain name, hosting, and terms & conditions before your website goes live! Your web designer can guide you on where to purchase and what you need, but if you want to be one step ahead these are some of my favorite resources!

Namecheap for purchasing domain names

Flywheel for hosting

Termageddon for autoupdating terms & conditions policies

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