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Brian Patacca is a renowned coach helping aspiring actors land auditions and secure representation, all without the need for a reel or referral. Brian had successfully run the Make Agents Want You webinar and the Agent Goals group program for over a year but was seeking to enhance the performance of his landing page and sales page. He aimed to address a disconnect between the visuals of both pages and his business values, aiming to capture visitors' attention while optimizing the design for all devices.

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digital marketing strategies inside a sales funnel for client Brian Patacca


Project Overview:

Brian's target audience consisted of actors who had exhausted traditional advice and were eager to boost their audition success. The challenge was to create visually captivating and mobile-optimized landing and sales pages to engage social media-driven traffic effectively.

Strategy & Execution:

To address Brian's concerns and achieve the desired design, the following strategies were implemented:

Mobile Optimization:

Recognizing that most of Brian's audience arrived via social media, the team heavily focused on mobile-optimized design to ensure a seamless experience on all devices.

Visual Engagement:

Both the landing and sales pages incorporated dynamic elements, including movement and various text styles, to captivate readers and reduce content skipping.

Custom Design:

To overcome design limitations in Brian's Leadpages platform, CSS was employed to add unique elements, resulting in a big, bold design that aligned with Brian's vision.


Results and Outcomes:

The results of the website and sales page launch were impressive:

The landing page achieved a click-through rate of 23%, significantly surpassing industry averages and indicating improved user engagement.

The sales page maintained a click-through rate of 8%, further reinforcing the success of the redesign.

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