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The Studio @ Color Works Design is an Innovative Hub tailored for Interior Design Professionals. Led by CEO Katie Decker-Erickson. Color Works launched in 2007, Katie has leveraged her business acumen and 15-year industry experience into a multi-million dollar company & is now helping other designers achieve success as well.

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Project Overview:

Katie's target audience consists of Interior Designers looking to increase their revenue and improve their systems to better serve their clients. The Studio is a hub to serve Katie's target audience with an array of offers served up a la carte style.

Strategy & Execution:

Mobile Optimization:

Katie's primary area of marketing comes from her weekly webcast on Youtube. Many of her listeners are on cell phones listening in during their daily commute, so mobile functionality of the page was key.

Dimension & Texture:

Being a leader in the design industry, layering and texture are a core part of what Katie & her team focus on. We brought in elements that feel like real interior design by layering colors, and adding textured backgrounds.


Results and Outcomes:

The results of the design were pleasing:

After launching the Studio, Katie received a discovery call booking within 1 week. This discovery call turned into a purchase of her highest strategy call package!