Five easy tips for choosing website photos

Check out these 5 easy tips for choosing website photos.

Whether you’re using stock photos or personal branded photos, you’ll want these in your back pocket!

Your website photos play a major role in creating flow through your pages and keeping your audience’s attention.

Choose images where body directionality points towards your copy.

This helps to guide the reader through your coffee and emphasizes the importance.

Choose images that complement with your brand colors + brand values

. I.e – you’re the fun, spirited brand…don’t choose romantic looking photos. Consider the style of pose, facial expressions, body language, etc.

Be more literal than figurative.

If you transform someone’s life through organization…great, choose photos that show organized spaces, not photos of someone reaching a mountain top. Your photos should concretely depict the transformation.

Consider how the orientation of a photo will affect the placement on a webpage.

For example, landscape photos are great for for full-width areas where a portrait version is great for areas next to text. Sometimes you will want to crop a photo, so also consider what areas of the photo would be included when cropping.

Finally, to ensure your photos are high-quality be sure that they are the correct pixel size for where you will place them on your site.

You’ll also want to run them through an image optimizer such as before you upload them to your site. This will ensure that they load quickly, one of the biggest reasons people leave your site is slow load time.

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